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Mortgage Now UK Ltd

06 - Apr - 2014

Mortgage Now UK Ltd is a family owned mortgage broker company, friendly and professional service-no tie to any bank or building society.

Adverse Credit

Adverse Credit

Credit Cards

Problem mortgage? - Most can be solved!

Unfortunately many people can find their lives alter dramatically due to financial changes through no fault of their own. Marriage breakdowns, redundancy, excessive credit card debts and loans, business failures, the list goes on. These situations can then result in County Court Judgements (CCJ's), defaults, bankruptcies, repossessions, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (I.V.A's), mortgage arrears or maybe just a bad credit history i.e. late payments.

Feel like burying your head in the sand?

Well don't, because we could possibly help with all of the above. An initial discussion could well open up mortgage opportunities that you haven't considered. Please contact us without delay.

In some cases we may be able to put you back into the High Street instead of being stuck with a sub-prime lender.

  • Mortgage Broker in Ipswich
  • Mortgage Adviser in Ipswich
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